1. What is the maximum time taken for a doctor's acceptance?

Doctors will accept your call in between one minute.

2. Why Should I go for 2040 in clinic care even after I know my doctor and clinic location?

The charges of clinic care in 2040 is either same or bit less and we give multiple offers in each clinic treatment. We consider you as our permanent follow up and we guide you in your each steps. So either doctor is in leave or not that does not matter. We provide you replacement as well as emergemcy.

3. What happen if I cancel my booking in the mid of session ?

Once booking is confirmed there is no cancellation in the mid of that. We will give replacement doctors in session booking but no cancellation in the mid.

4. Do you have your local centers ?

We don't own local centers rather we have tieup with centers to provied you better treatmenet facility.

5. Should I change my time in mid of session ?

Yes, you can change your time according to your suitability.

6. Are offers valid life time?

offers keep on chenging will be valid for limited periods. Once offers get over you don't have access for that.

7. Customer care facility ?

We do have compony captian you send your Queries in that and solution will be given instantly.